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Optimization Process
Your website performance improved in 3 steps.

1. Premium Plugin

We'll install the best caching plugin.

2. Configure

We'll configure your website's DB, images, and content.

3. Launch

Enjoy an improved user experience with a faster website.

About the Service
Performance and user experience will be improved by optimizing WordPress and the theme.


We will install and configure the best caching plugin. Your WordPress site will load significantly faster with this plugin since it caches, minifies HTML, CSS and JS files and lazy loads images.

Optimize the Database

Keeping your database lean and mean can lead to faster response times. As databases age, unnecessary content can accumulate. In addition to removing outdated comments and trash, we also remove old revisions and anything else irrelevant.

Image Compression

Image files are byte heavy and can significantly slow down your website. With an image compression plugin, we'll improve your load time by compressing your images.

Slow Plugins

While plugins can enhance your website's functionality, they can also slow it down and strain your resources. We will identify any underperforming plugins and recommend alternatives.

Bad Requests

Make sure that outdated or relocated content is removed from your website. Consequently, visitors opening pages with broken links will experience a 404 error message, resulting in a delay in the loading of the pages.

Brute Force

Typically, hackers attack WordPress websites by hammering their wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php files until they gain access or run out of memory. Limiting login attempts and configuring .htaccess will prevent such an event.


Depending on your requirements, we optimize WordPress websites using WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket (+ $49), TinyPNG, Smush it, and P3 Profiler.

If your website visitors come from all corners of the world, then we recommend that you use a CDN to enhance the delivery of your site’s assets. At Fixmysite.com, we use KeyCDN. However, for local businesses with audiences limited to one country, a CDN might not be necessary. In this case, a reliable hosting company and a well-optimized website should be more than enough.

Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom are three tools we use to measure performance. We will refund you in full if you do not see improvement in your performance scores.

Yes, of course! For e-Commerce, speed is crucial, as it can directly affect the earning potential of a website. However, it is important to note that your website should be hosted on a reliable server. It is not uncommon for WooCommerce stores to be hosted on entry level hosting plans.

To get started, simply open a support ticket. A WordPress user account is usually all we need. We may, however, need your FTP access or web hosting login details.

Yes, we offer a dedicated WordPress migration service.


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Our Clients


Trader Boys Office Furniture is a family-owned and operated office furniture showroom in West Los Angeles.
From the decorations to the food choices and activities, we make sure that your event provides guests with a 360-degree experience.
Patio Furniture Co is on a mission to offer handpicked high quality outdoor patio furniture at reasonable prices with customer service second to none.
Lashing is a way to feed her artistic soul and entrepreneurial spirit – a way to make others love the skin
The Uncle Devin Show is an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds
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