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Get your website repaired right away for $49. We offer a fixed or 100% money back guarantee.



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Repair Process
Your WordPress issues fixed in 3 steps.

1. Contact

Open a support ticket describing your issue.

2. Review

We'll assess your request and requirements.

3. Repaire

Our specialists get to work on your website!

About the Service
A support service designed to troubleshoot and fix common WordPress errors.

Analyzing the Problem

Identifying the problem is vital before we begin any repairs. Please attach a screenshot to the support form in order to provide a visual representation of your issue. During the course of our services, we will also debug your website and review the error logs.

Plugin Conflicts

When it comes to extending the functionality of your website, WordPress plugins are the most useful, but they can often be a source of conflict. You will be notified if you are operating a faulty plugin, we will remove it, and suggest an alternative when necessary.

Theme Errors

When troubleshooting a WordPress website that is malfunctioning, theme errors are very common. Depending on your needs, we'll either fix the faulty part of your theme or update it.

Update Errors

The database, the WordPress software, the theme, and the plugins must work in harmony for a WordPress website to function smoothly. We will manually update a faulty component in the event of an update error.

Checkout Errors

E-Commerce websites can suffer an immediate hit to their bottom lines when they encounter an error on the checkout page. Immediately, we will test and locate the faulty part in the checkout process in order to restore your store to normal operation.


Upon completion of the fix for your website, we will update the status of your ticket. Please verify all functions and suggest any improvements or changes you would like to see.


Typically, a website is fixed within one to two business days.

You will receive a refund of 100% if we are unable to repair your website. We offer a risk-free service.

There is a minimum charge of $49 USD for repairing a faulty website.

Of course we do! Our expertise, however, is limited to WooCommerce. Other e-commerce platforms are not supported by us.

When we detect that your website is infected with malware, we will request you to purchase another repair ticket for $49 USD. Malware removal is offered for US$ 119, so you’ll pay the difference.

To get started, simply open a support ticket. A WordPress user account is usually all we need. We may, however, need your FTP access or web hosting login details for further troubleshooting.


Satisfied customers are our best advertisement!

Our Clients


Trader Boys Office Furniture is a family-owned and operated office furniture showroom in West Los Angeles.
From the decorations to the food choices and activities, we make sure that your event provides guests with a 360-degree experience.
Patio Furniture Co is on a mission to offer handpicked high quality outdoor patio furniture at reasonable prices with customer service second to none.
Lashing is a way to feed her artistic soul and entrepreneurial spirit – a way to make others love the skin
The Uncle Devin Show is an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds
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